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Our culture

We hack

We hack software, we hack growth, we hack sales, and we hack marketing. In every aspect of our work, we always strive to think for ourselves and avoid the herd mentality.

No drama

We prefer action over talk. We think long and hard about the big questions but prefer to avoid unnecessary debates. You don’t need to shout to be heard. You just need to be authentic.

Go and grow

We know that people flourish when they are in their element. We aim to bring out the best in everyone and help them meet their aspirations by opening the door to experimentation and growth.

Hear it straight from Penterians

At Pentera you get to work with the most easy-going but nonetheless super knowledgeable professionals in the cyber field today.

Ella Shevach

HR business partner

Aside from the groundbreaking and awe-inspiring technology, Pentera is making the world a better, more secure place. That and the team at Pentera makes working here an absolute joy.

Aron Skversky

Director of Acquisition

My vision for Pentera came from what I saw as a unique need in the cybersecurity market. It’s amazing to me that what started as an idea has become this thriving company with the best team I could have imagined.

Arik Liberzon

Founder and CTO

As a former pen tester and incident responder, I was intrigued by the Pentera platform and its ability to automate the attack lifecycle. I wanted to be on the right side of the revolution, bringing my experience to further evolve the amazing technology and scale what cybersecurity personnel just can’t do today, reducing the gap between adversary advancements and defensive measures.

Arif Khan

Senior Director, Technical Services

I love working at Pentera because we look for opportunities in every problem.

Alex Spivakovsky

Head of Research

For me, POVs are a highlight of the job, to see people’s reactions and disbelief. To know that you’re part of that promise of the future of cybersecurity, and you’re bringing this amazing technology that no one else has is definitely something to wake up in the morning for.

Sivan Harel

Regional Sales Director

I love working at Pentera because my passion for hacking is translated into making the world a better place

Yuval Lazar

cybersecurity researcher

I joined Pentera because of the game-changing technology. Every once in a while you get the chance to be part of something significant at a tipping point in history. Being surrounded by smart, driven people – it’s part of what makes it meaningful, and fun.

Maayan Sella

Marketing Director

I love working at Pentera because its customer portfolio is so varied. I get to work with top-notch companies from all over the world, of all sizes and in all verticals. The greatest part of my job is the relationships I build with customers, and seeing the progress they make because of Pentera. The fact that I love my coworkers is a huge bonus.

Lina Spivak

Customer Success Manager

Steve Baral

Working with partners at Pentera is not just about the technology, it’s about the collaboration. Pentera allows partners to offer a brand new MRR service around automated penetration testing & continuous security validation. I love that my job allows me to build positive relationships with partners and provide them with the best solutions to enhance their services for clients and drive their bottom line.

Steve Baral

National Channel Director, NA

Jason Mar-Tang

Pentera was an opportunity for me to join a growing company with an amazing product and a thought leadership position in a growing cybersecurity market. I am finally able to work with offensive security technology that helps my clients truly understand their risk and validate their security posture from the attacker’s mindset in an automated fashion. I’m happy to be a part of it.

Jason Mar-Tang

Senior Sales Engineer

Working at Pentera is fulfilling because I feel respected and valued while being challenged and driven to reach my potential

Nadav Baruch

cybersecurity researcher

When you do what you love with people you look forward to seeing every day who push you to be better, it doesn’t feel like work.

Shiran Bar-Lev

Director of Finance

Manuel Mannello

The best part of working at Pentera is the freedom, we don’t believe in micro-managing. We believe in trust and empowerment of our employees – when our people are happy, our customers are happy. We’re an international company with a family core concept; people aren’t just numbers, we’re the company itself. When I started my career as a Sales Engineer, I had no idea how fulfilling it could be, your voice really matters! We help each other, we win together!

Manuel Mannello

Sales Engineer

Raul Gordillo

I never imagined the feeling of family that I found when joining Pentera. I knew there would be incredible talent, but if you also put the human profile first, you form an unbeatable team. This aspect is reflected in our daily work, where you are responsible for your actions and have the support of the organization. A company with killer technology where you know people care about each other? That’s the real unicorn.

Raul Gordillo

Regional Sales Manager

It’s very rare to come across the combination of a truly innovative product that both WOWs the prospects and gives value to customers, AND a brilliant team of people that are friendly and motivated, all working together and giving a hand if needed. The technology is interesting and the company is growing rapidly. Love it here.

Tanya Zhok

Senior Sales Engineer

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