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one attack at a time!

With Automated Security Validation™

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Pentera is an automated security validation platform that helps you improve security so you can know where you stand at any given moment. It tests all cybersecurity layers by safely emulating attacks, arming you with a risk-based remediation roadmap.

Maximize security. Minimize risk.


Improvement in
remediation efficiency


Faster penetration testing
speed and coverage


Reduction in external
penetration testing expenses

Why continuous validation?

Emulate real-world attacks to uncover true exposure and accelerate remediation







Scan and discover security gaps and shadow IT before they are exploited

Identify true risk by testing against the latest adversary threats

Fix the most risk-bearing security gaps first

The first security report
you’ll actually love

What global security leaders
are saying about Pentera

Black stone

We’ve seen firsthand the benefits of the Pentera platform in our day-to-day vigilance in keeping our cybersecurity defenses challenged and tuned.

Adam Fletcher

Chief Information Security Officer, Blackstone

Ip telecom

Pentera gives us the only option for an agentless, low-touch, fully automated solution that continuously assesses security readiness with unlimited scale and one-click operation.

Felipe Frasquilo

Director of the Business Data Center and Cloud, IP Telecom


If you want to properly convey the security team’s value and contribution to the executive team, you need Pentera.

Jerry Sto. Thomas

CISO, Apria Healthcare

Taylor Vinters

The instant reports generated by Pentera provide  us with an on-demand cyber posture health check that points us to the most risk-baring security gaps.

Steve Sumner

Director of IT, Taylor Vinters

Israeli Ministry of Public Security

Part of the corporate DNA for the Israeli Ministry of Public Security is insisting on the best protection possible. We chose Pentera to continuously identify and fix weaknesses.

Tal Avitan

Director of Cyber Security, Israeli Ministry of Public Security

Yigal Arnon

Pentera enables me to have Quality Assurance of the organization’s cyber controls, credentials, vulnerabilities, and privileges.

Eran Liuizzi

Chief Information Officer, Yigal Arnon & Co.

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